In the spirit of springThe Grand Café & Beach transformed their premises into the swinging Grand Gatsby and paid homage to the Roaring Twenties.

The 20’s was a decade that saw an explosion in more ways than one. Economically there was a massive industrial growth, with the large-scale diffusion and use of automobiles, electricity, telephones, motion pictures and consumer goods. This emphasized the era’s social, artistic and cultural dynamism. Jazz music set the mood and flapper girls redefined modern womanhood. There was a significant change in lifestyle and culture. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby is famous for capturing the mood of that era and was the inspiration for The Grand Gatsby dinner last night in Cape Town.

Guests arrived at Suzie Main’s converted boat hanger in Granger Bay decked out in the style of the prohibition time. Flapper girls welcomed us who braved the cold in their scanty attire. We sipped green cocktails which turned out to be blue stingers as the night kicked in.

Elegant ladies in glitz and glam bedazzled the scene while brushing cheeks in a social greeting of “Helloooo daaaarling”. Suave gentlemen in dinner jackets, men in suits, gangsters and their gals, businessmen and tycoons all came out to play. Richard Todd, known as Richie around town, has set the bar for future parties.  The Grand Gatsby will be the talk of the town until next time round. Raucous! But not outrageous, the jazz was good and the burlesque dancers dazzled the men. The evening was great and grand, just as it was once upon a time in America.

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Grand Cafe & Beach
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Photos by Gavin Furlonger

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