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The name diamond is derived from the ancient Greek meaning (adámas), “proper”, “unalterable”, “unbreakable”, “untamed” and have been around for thousands of years as long ago as 6,000 years in India.

Uwe Koetter Jewellers was founded by Uwe and Magda Koetter in Feb 1968 and since then have established themselves as a top Diamond dealer and Goldsmith. Award winning designer Johan Louw, has over the years won numerous awards as a designer and Uwe Koetter jewellers as a company in South Africa, has captured the attention of international celebrities such as Joan Collins, Nicolas Cage and Kate Moss. One of a kind in Cape Town jeweller Uwe Koetter, is the only jeweller who has a De Beers trained Diamond grading expert on site.

The 4Cs – Clarity, cut, carat and colour are important when buying Diamonds. The most valuable white Diamonds are those that possess the best of all 4Cs. Take this into consideration when buying a Diamond or buying your very special engagement ring. A smaller pure white will have a greater value than a white rock with inclusions.

Let’s cut to the chase, do you want a rock that looks good or a dazzling stone that is pure? The more brilliant diamond is smaller but is valuable because it is so brilliant. The larger diamond is valuable because it is large, but is worth less per carat because it is not so brilliant. Once you know how diamond grading works, it’s just a matter for you to decide what is best for you

To find the best Diamond that fits within your price range, essentially comes down to a compromise between the 4Cs and your consideration of which factors or facets are most important to you. Here is where Uwe Koetter can assist you in making that choice in life, after all Diamonds are forever…….

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