It’s always tea-time somewhere in the world no matter where you happen to be. There’s a certain buzz around the Yswara Luxe Brand. You could say it’s like a storm in a tea cup!

YSWARA is an African rooted luxury company transforming an ordinary ritual (tea-time) into a treasured moment through gourmet African tisanes.  The ancient ritual at tea-time, is to let it draw, inhale and sip!  Swaady Martin-Leke, founder of Yswara has produced a fabulous collection of tisanes called the ‘African Queens Teas and Health Infusions Collection’. It is simply divine!

When I was invited to tea by Vivid Luxury PR & Marketing, to be part of the High Tea High Fashion experience,  I was intrigued by the concept, so I happily accepted to go along for high tea.

What a pleasure it turned out to be. The magnificent infusion of Swaady’s magical African mix of flowers, herbs and spice, gives a smooth gentle sensation that reaches far beyond your wildest dreams. The hypnotic perfumes of nature engulfs you with a simplicity that will tantalize your taste buds. I can say, I am completely hooked. My favourite is Hatshepsut, Queen of Kemet (DIGESTION)

We sipped tea in glamorous gowns on the magnificent grounds of the Delaire Graff Estate, while a team of professionals rallied around us. Photographer Casian, fashion designer Kobus Dippenaar, make-up artist David Sharp, hair by Riana Stemmet and jewlery by Monique Huppertz all made it happen.

In the meantime this is the back buzz of the shoot. For now the High Tea High Fashion experience will remain top secret until next month, when all will be revealed and in March 2013, a new annual magazine called ‘Le Kap’ will feature the photographic shoot with Swaady, Carla Antoni and QueenB!

When the time comes for tea-time, pick up a copy of ‘Le Kap’ and flick through the new issue while sipping Yswara. This is the back buzz from high tea and high fashion.

QueenB!……..Abuzzing off

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