Spud 2 Premiere

Troye Sivan jetted into Cape Town for Spud 2: The Madness Continues premiere. From the time Troye arrived his schedule has been hectic! Interviews, early morning TV, radio and mobbed by screaming fans.

12th June 2013, the madness continued, when Spud2 hit the silver screen. Crazy with excitement and filled with anticipation, we raised our glasses at the premiere with some of the cast. A meet and greet before the film. Fans waited patiently for Troye – aka Spud – and Sven – aka  Rambo – to sign copies of their Spud books. Our group included a very special person my mother who is Troye’s Nana aged 87. Mom was thrilled with her grandson’s excellent performance.

Spud 2: The Madness Continues carries on with the story of John “Spud” Milton, the ‘Guv’ – played by John Cleese – and the Crazy 8 (minus Gecko of course) as boarders at school in the 90’s. It reminded me of the shenanigans we got up to at school. The camaraderie in boarding school is fantastic! The film displays the unwritten law between the boys – NO snitching because, this is what makes the man. The risks the boys take to prove their bravery push boundaries and challenge the school’s dogmatic authority and teachers. Respect must be earned, given and received.

Spud 2 is a fun interpretation of the madness and life at school. The author, John van de Ruit has captured the trials and tribulations of school incredibly well. Donovan Marsh, director of Spud, and now Spud 2 has brought out the best in all the cast. Producers Ross Garland and Brad Logan believe that because the first instalment of this cult book series – Spud – was a sell-out, and the movie a local blockbuster – Spud 2 is mad, crazy, fun, and bound to be a bigger hit!

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