Spud 3 – Wrap Party

Roll, action, cut. Spud 3 is in the bag! It’s a wrap! After a hectic five weeks of filming in and around Cape Town, the crew finally shot the last take of Spud 3.

On Sunday 21st July it was all wrapped up and set to be even bigger than Spud 2 and 1 put together. Spud 3 is spunky with the unusual humor based on the values of traditional life in boarding school. From then until now very little has changed and the bond that is formed among the boarders is a tight one. They learn how to face up to adversity and the tough challengers in life. Spud based on some true facts, tells the story how Spud, aka Troye Sivan copes with it all and comes out on top, earning the respect he deserves through his own hardships.

Directed by John Barker, who is truly a fine director, has brought out a different approach to the meaning of Spud. There are a few new added attractions which have sparked and ignited a lot of excitement from fans. Casper Lee, YouTuber, the new boy on set, plays the role of Garlic, Spud’s new dorm mate. Social media – Instagram, FB, and Twitter – all prove that Troye Sivan and Casper Lee together are a double whammy for Spud 3 fans.

After much ado about everything, the wrap party was at Ace ‘n Spades on Hout Street. The bar is a perfect place for private parties, as well as their normal everyday happenings. It was the right buzz for the crazy eight, director, producer and crew to raise their glasses to the completion and eventual success of Spud 3. With baited breath until the premiere next year, Spud aka Troye Sivan, John Cleese and the crazy eight will go about their lives and continue to do what they know best.

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