Southern Wind Shipyard – Lady G

‘Lady G’ is such a lady – beautiful, elegant, and grand! This 94 foot mini-series designed by Reichel Pugh will fly the flag in all her glory, conquering the admiration of like-minded people that love sailing.

Since 1991, entrepreneur Willy Persico from Naples has been the forward thinking mastermind for Southern Wind Shipyard. He and his team produce magnificent semi-custom composite sailing yachts. They combine craftsmanship and tradition, designing and building yachts to order.

Using the most advanced technologies and state-of-the-art materials, Southern Wind Shipyard add the expertise needed to build robust and safe boats. These are essential features for boats that set out for open seas. It assures the global client base that a yacht built and designed by Southern Wind Shipyard will be a masterpiece conceived by a meticulous eye. It is a sailing experience from the blueprints through to the maiden voyage. So, giving berth to such a beautiful yacht can only come from passion, love and vision – something that runs deep in the veins of a true sailor with a vast knowledge of boats.

The experience I had on the ‘Lady G’ as we sailed through the water was one of absolute freedom. The conditions were perfect – blue skies, enough wind to set sail and whales popping up and breaching in their natural environment. Mother nature really was in all her beauty as we listened to the sound of silence of ‘Lady G’ sailing softly through the water.

Bon Voyage Lady G! It was a pleasure knowing you.

QueenB!……..Abuzzing off

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