My journey is Swiss from the start. I like to fly Edleweiss Air even if I have to fly Cape Town, Johannesburg first to connect. Leaving sunny Cape Town in December is tough; the thought of a cold European winter gives me the shivers!

So why do I do it? Tradition I suppose. There is something quite magical about a white Christmas – the hustle and bustle of last minuet shoppers. An enchanting classic winters day, crisp glistening snow in the blinding sunshine against a high blue sky, takes your breath away. The sound of fresh snow crunching beneath your boots leaving foot prints in the snow. The peaceful silence of soft dainty snowflakes falling, or snowed-in après-ski, sipping Glühwein in front of a blazing fire while listening to dashing through the snow, or I’m dreaming of a white Christmas. I’m sure you get the picture?

Gstaad has been my buzz-worthy love for 35 years. Yes, it is growing and changing becoming more busy, new Chalets mushrooming at a fat rate and ridiculously overpriced. But! the traditional die-hard returnees, love the Swissness and beauty of Gstaad.

In a nutshell, it will continue to flourish no matter what with all the Swiss perfection because some things never change!

Gstaad my Love

QueenB!……..Abuzzing off

Palacestrasse 28

CH-3780 Gstaad

+41 33 748 50 00

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