Bodrum – in ancient times, the city was known as Halicarnassus of Caria and was famous for housing the Mausoleum of Mausolus – one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. To add to its historical pedigree, the Knights Hospitaller built Bodrum Castle in the 15th century, overlooking the harbor and the marina. Until the 20th century, mainly fishermen and sponge divers inhabited this quiet town.

In contrast to the ancient world, our hotel, Sign by Ersan, was very much in the 20th century and offered all the modern comforts. I entered our room and my breath was taken away – it was spectacular! My eyes were immediately drawn to the full panoramic view through huge glass sliding doors and windows. Two lounging beds and a Jacuzzi overlooking the Aegean Sea adorned the expansive terrace. The bright sunshine and the shimmering blue sea below were dazzling, as was the stillness in the heat of the day. It was truly a magnificent sight!

Down below on the jetty were two Pagodas – one with my name on it, for sure! I intended to spend the rest of the day there. We lazed around like lounge lizards, sipping Raki on ice, eating watermelon, swimming and sunning ourselves. It was so peaceful gazing at the horizon as the silent yachts passed by – what a glorious day!

That evening we dined by candlelight on the water’s edge at the hotel, before going into town for a night stroll and to capture the buzz of mid-summer night Bodrum. It was absolutely abuzz with the energy of a town that doesn’t sleep. Cafés, bars, fruit stalls, fast food kebabs, shopping, restaurants displaying their catch of the day all added to the atmosphere and excitement of a busy Marina.

This set the scene for negotiating the price for the following day’s trip on a Gulet. Fait accompli, we then decided on a Turkish coffee and ice cream to cap off the day.

A great start to the holiday and a buzz-worthy time in Turkey. The key to a relaxing holiday is to discover what’s right for you.

QueenB!…….Abuzzing off

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