When Kitima Sukonpongpao closed the doors to her restaurant in the Cape Dutch style Kronendal farm, I was one of many who were sad to see her go. For two years the beautiful heritage homestead of the Cloete family stood still.

Now the Australian brand Deus Ex Machina is further expanding its international presence by adding Cape Town to its list of locations that already includes Bali, Tokyo, LA, Sydney and Milan, among others. The meaning –  “god from the machine”. In this context, it means an unexpected power or event saving a seemingly hopeless situation. How appropriate given that its opening has once again breathed life into the homestead and re-christened it Deus’ Homestead of Perpetuity.

The mood within the walls of the main house is unmistakably representative of the Deus Ex Machina brand. Inclusivity is embodied by the table set for two in the entrance which pays homage to the resident ghost, Elsa Cloete. Authenticity and enthusiasm for the free-spirited lifestyle Deus celebrates is evident in the branded motorcycle and surfboard on display and the vinyl record room by the entrance. The latter offers a laidback setup with a great selection of vinyls to throw on while you enjoy a coffee or drink from the bar or tuck into something from the bakery or restaurant. The homestead also has Deus’ retail store on-site for an all-encompassing Deus experience.

The main restaurant area features high-raised tables and stools and is centered on the well-stocked bar. A delicious wholesome food menu is available to order from at either of these. The courtyard is an extension of the main room and offers plenty of space for families, while a smaller bar area is set to become a regular haunt for trendy Capetonians and visitors.

Adding to the beehive of activity at the homestead are the barbershop and the teabag craft shop. In the near future the outbuildings will also incorporate a workshop for custom bikes, customised surfboards and a tattoo artist.

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