Between Us Restaurant

A Mixed Bag of Ambiance and Culinary Disappointments

Nestled in the heart of trendiness, Between Us, 176 Bree Street, boasts an ambiance that is both heritage chic and relaxed, making it an ideal spot for a social gathering. The restaurant’s packed capacity speaks volumes about its popularity and the allure it holds for patrons seeking a vibrant atmosphere.

However, as the evening unfolded, it became evident that the dining experience at Between Us was a double-edged sword. While the atmosphere thrived, the culinary offerings were a tad disappointing.

The glass of wine, a customary companion to any enjoyable dining experience, fell short of expectations. What should have been a generous pour felt more like a half glass, leaving a sense of dissatisfaction, especially considering the upscale nature of the establishment.

The appetizers further accentuated the culinary letdown. The bacon-wrapped dates, a classic favorite, were unfortunately overcooked, resulting in a lackluster texture and diminished flavors. Similarly, the house-cured salmon gravlax, touted for its freshness, presented itself as disappointingly dry and hard, failing to deliver the promised succulence.

The main course did not fare much better. The slow-cooked lamb, while tender, suffered from an excessive saltiness that overshadowed its potential richness. This oversight in seasoning detracted significantly from the dish’s overall appeal.

One of the most notable drawbacks was the lack of attentiveness from the staff. Despite the bustling atmosphere, not once during the course of the meal were we asked if everything was satisfactory. This lack of engagement with diners raises concerns about the restaurant’s commitment to customer satisfaction and the overall dining experience.

In reflection, Between Us may shine during the day when the energy is infectious, and the ambiance takes center stage. However, for those seeking a memorable dinner, the culinary inconsistencies and lack of attention from the staff may overshadow the otherwise great atmosphere. While the potential is palpable, improvements in execution and service are necessary to elevate Between Us to the level its trendy reputation suggests.

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