In loving memory of our Italian Ambassador Vincenzo Schioppa Narrante, the visionary behind the Italian Ambassador’s Perennial Trophy since 2016.

Amidst very challenging winds of 40 knots off the Cape coast, the Italian Ambassador’s Perennial Trophy Regatta set sail, graciously hosted by the Royal Cape Yacht Club. None of this would have been possible without the unwavering dedication of Alberto del Cinque, who tirelessly sought significant sponsorship from renowned names such as Pirelli South Africa and Ferrari. The event aimed to raise funds for the Sailing Academy of the Royal Cape Yacht Club, facilitating the opportunity for some of their students to embark on a week-long training cruise aboard the world’s largest brig, owned by Fondazione Tender to Nave Italy.

As sailors bravely faced the elements, their competitive spirit was bolstered by a sense of camaraderie and philanthropy. The regatta took on an added significance with the presence of the Italian Ambassador and his wife, who honored the day and committed to preserving it as an annual tradition.

Following exhilarating races, a prize-giving ceremony was graced by Ambassador Alberto Vecchi, who extended heartfelt congratulations to all participants and acknowledged the remarkable efforts they invested in the competition. He also expressed profound gratitude to the sponsors for their generous support.

The regatta concluded with a delightful Italian lunch, symbolizing the enduring bond between Italy and South Africa. It served as a testament to the unifying power of sports in fostering international connections and championing noble causes, leaving participants with cherished memories and a profound sense of achievement. Ultimately, the Hollard team emerged triumphant, overcoming the formidable challenges posed by the weather conditions.

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