Sailing Regatta

In memory and honor of Vincenzo Schioppa Narrante our Italian Ambassador loved by all. Passed away on the 24th August 2016 in a fatal accident in Italy.

Vincenzo was a person of profound culture and wide interests.  He was an alumnus of the French Ecole nationale d’administration (ENA) and the author of books, essays and articles. My thoughts and prayers are with his family during this very sad time.

The Italian Ambassador’s Perennial Trophy’ sailing regatta took place at the Royal Cape Yacht Club in Cape Town.  It was a two-day celebration promoting community projects for the disadvantaged youth of the Cape Region, the youth of the RCYC Sailing Academy and the Izivunguvungu Sailing Centre in Simon’s Town. It was a wonderful occasion and allowed the participants to experience and understand the qualities of seamanship and the values of the sea.

For the third year running, the regatta was organised by the Embassy of Italy in cooperation with the R.C.Y.C and the Reale Yacht Club Canottieri Savoia of Naples, with the support of the Italian National Olympic Committee/C.O.N.O. and of South African and Italian business.

In attendance at the cocktail party the night before the regatta- which was hosted by the Italian Ambassador of Italy, H.E. Mr. Vincenzo Schioppa- were members of the South African Government, Ambassadors and Consuls, as well as representatives of the business community, sailing enthusiasts and many friends.

As you will know, racing on the high seas can be a thrilling and exhilarating experience for those who love the ocean. I thought it would be a terrifying experience and questioned my own logic in agreeing to take part in a competitive sailing regatta! The answer to that question was, of course, that it’s for charity!

Our crew on the ‘MWAH’ had years and years of sailing experience and it was remarkable to see how the professionals raced with gusto and passion, shouting instructions and working seamlessly with each other. Of course, it soon became clear to me that I need not have been nervous as the Consul of Italy Alfonso Tagliaferri and I were in excellent hands on deck, and were able to survive and even enjoy the high seas.

If you would like to make a donation to a worthy cause, or learn more about next year’s event please contact Toni Mainprize at the RCYC

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Photos by Blanca Rivollier

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